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A pure CSS carousel without any JavaScript. The magic of #CSS and #HTML 🪄✨



Choose #HTML article over section

"<article> isn’t just for blog posts — it’s for any self-contained thing. It also helps WatchOS display your content properly.
<section> can be used with aria-label to signal to a screen reader user where a particular sub-part of an article begins and ends. Otherwise, forget about it, or use another element, such as <aside aria-label=”quick summary”> or <div role=”region” aria-label=”quick summary”>"

From the spec:

"The article element represents a complete, or self-contained, composition in a document, page, application, or site and that is, in principle, independently distributable or reusable, e.g. in syndication. This could be a forum post, a magazine or newspaper article, a blog entry, a user-submitted comment, an interactive widget or gadget, or any other independent item of content."

Custom form controls (select, checkbox, radio) with #HTML and #CSS (without JavaScript):


I highly recommend Emmet, a plugin for many popular code editors that significantly boosts productivity when working with #HTML and #CSS. If you're not familiar with it, give it a try: