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A pure CSS carousel without any JavaScript. The magic of #CSS and #HTML 🪄✨



The :scope CSS pseudo-class represents elements that are a reference point for selectors to match against.
A situation where the :scope pseudo-class prove to be useful is when you need to get direct descendant of an already retrieved Element

element.querySelectorAll(":scope > .child");

#CSS #JavaScript #TIL

Custom form controls (select, checkbox, radio) with #HTML and #CSS (without JavaScript):


I highly recommend Emmet, a plugin for many popular code editors that significantly boosts productivity when working with #HTML and #CSS. If you're not familiar with it, give it a try:

The difference between :where() and :is() is that :where() always has 0 specificity, whereas :is() takes on the specificity of the most specific selector in its arguments.