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Aktualnie mało udzielam się na #SocialMedia, ale jeśli już, to w pierwszej kolejności wolę mieć treści "u siebie", a dopiero późnej "na zewnątrz".

Praktyczna realizacja tego założenia to strona osobista i blog albo zdecentralizowane sieci społecznościowe, które podobnie jak strona internetowa, mogą być self-hosted. Następnie udostępnianie danych treści dalej (#RSS, syndication, cross-posting).

Jeśli takie podejście brzmi interesująco, warto poczytać o #IndieWeb albo #Fediverse. Są to ciekawe alternatywy dla gigantów technologicznych i scentralizowanych serwisów społecznościowych, które mogą przestać istnieć za X lat (albo mogą jednostronnie zmienić reguły "gry" na dowolne, co już wielokrotnie miało miejsce w postaci aktualizacji różnych algorytmów czy zamykania danych usług).

Poza aspektem praktycznym (np. forma backupu), daje to też większą kontrolę i satysfakcję z tworzenia i budowania czegoś u siebie, zamiast u kogoś (szczególnie, jeśli komuś bliska jest idea #OpenSource lub ogólnie lubi "pomajsterkować" technologicznie w ciekawych rozwiązaniach i niekoniecznie komercyjnie).

Wiadomość zainspirowana postem Wojtka na LinkedIn.

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Dayumn the recording quality of my “Lost in Translation” talk at @ParisWeb is fantastic!
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I’ve collected quite a few articles on dark mode toggles by now. It almost feels like I could write a literature review paper. 😁

Did you write (or read) an article about a dark mode implementation?

Feel free to share it below.

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in reply to Matthias Ott

I wrote, which has a section on `<dark-mode-toggle>`, an open-sourced toggle in use on sites like You also want to check if you have a high-traffic site.
in reply to Matthias Ott

I wrote about how to use color-scheme to do a dark mode:

Edit: it also eventually became a talk:

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in reply to Michelle Barker

That's very useful, thank you Michelle!
By the way: it is ctrl+shift+p on Windows.

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Simple is hard.

Design and product management are both process-heavy and output-light disciplines. Practitioners crunch through a ton of learning, synthesis, and decisions to produce a simple and tidy artifact.

Non-practitioners only see the artifact, so they mistake the artifact for the work. And because it is easy to understand, it seems to them that it was simple to make - or to make changes - but the opposite is true.

#productmanagement #uxdesign #ux

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in reply to Pavel A. Samsonov

Well said! I would only add that if those non-practitioners are team members or stakeholders, they should probably see more than just the artifact. Evidencing key steps and decisions during the process goes a long way.
in reply to Taimar Teetlok

@taimar Oh, absolutely. A lot of junior practitioners try that and give up on it because nobody has taught those stakeholders how to contribute to the process constructively.

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Each time we build a field validation from scratch, accessibility doesn’t come out of the box.

↬ Sandrina Pereira breaks down what we need to take into consideration so that nobody gets stuck on an inaccessible invalid field:

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I just used a handheld supercomputer to contribute a tiny improvement to an openly available titanic compendium of human knowledge via a globe-spanning network while lying in my bed.

I was never promised this future, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

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in reply to Eric A. Meyer

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy comes close, I think — and the “contains much that is apocryphal” bit seems accurate, if a bit understated.
in reply to Eric A. Meyer

... And to keep being part of it for a very long time :-)

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I've described to almost 100 people why this moment is so exciting - for social media, for Mastodon, for the fediverse, and for all of us.

This essay is the best way I've found to do it.

How do you tell the story of this moment?

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📝 New post! "The Web Needs a Native .visually-hidden"

The .visually-hidden/.sr-only copypasta is incredibly useful for #a11y… but I don't think it should be a copypasta any more. The web would benefit a lot from it being a web standard.

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#WordPress If you have a WordPress username at, you should probably update your security and add...
The NEW 2FA!!!
NOTE: This is a beta feature. It works fine, but if you experience any problem, please open a ticket and report it.
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A pure CSS carousel without any JavaScript. The magic of #CSS and #HTML 🪄✨



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In @brad_frost's "Design systems in the time of AI" this bit hits the nail on the head:

Designers and developers who think of their jobs as rectangle creators have a lot to be worried about. But in my view, designers and developers who think of their jobs as solving problems — and incidentally have to create/wield some rectangles in order to solve those problems — have less to fear.

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in reply to Richard Rutter

@andy The article, though seeming correct, is missing a key piece of information: people are stupid and people write your pay-checks.
“AI makes it crystal-clear we need to be focusing on why we create things vs what/how we create. Let’s move forward with humanity, purpose, and intention.” In the short term the hype can (and historically will) destroy livelihoods of many in the wake of satisfying investors while labeling it «progress».

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Why we stop exploring new music as we get older?

Good article boils down to the below para (has some tips at the end):

"What we think of as our 'taste' is simply a dopamine reaction arising from patterns our brain recognises which create the expectation of pleasure based on pleasures past. When we stop actively listening to new or unfamiliar music the link between the musical pattern & pleasure is severed."


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Nothing in the universe quite compares to finding a song you've never heard before, but that just, clicks with you. That gives you over all positive vibes and makes your day amazing.

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You don't have to watch the news today.

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👋 WordPress Community on Mastodon!

So happy to announce the "Toot the Word Survey"!
We, the admins of the 5 WP-related instances have joined, to learn about and improve your tooting experience!

@javiercasares @praetorverlag @simon

Please take 2 minutes to answer our 8 questions before 5 March 2023 and tell us what you think:

And, boost it to the last fediverse corner if you want to make Mastodon a WordPresser :wp_heart: place.

#WordPress #Mastodon #Survey
in reply to danielauener :wordpress:

@davidslifka @spreadmastodon

And happily so... my firm does a huge amount of Wordpress work, and has developed several plugins, and I think the "Venn diagram" of openweb, #Indieweb and #Mastodon developers should have gigantic overlap.

Am very encouraged by the work at Automattic at Mastodon inclusion into Jetpack, and think greater integration between WordPress and Fediverse standards is the most natural thing in the world.
in reply to danielauener :wordpress:

Quite funny to use a google form to learn about open tools like Mastodon and Wordpress.

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Wow, what a brilliant write-up by Matt Frisbie on creating a Chrome extension that steals everything: 🥷 Having these attack vectors documented in the open is crucial. Prune your extensions regularly!

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I get deeply frustrated by the whole "meetings aren't real work" thing, and I needed to put out into the world why, so I could move on.

Eventually I got my thoughts together with help from Peter Drucker, Chris Argyris, Annie Duke, Jeff Bezos, Erika Hall, Mary Parker Follett, Samo Burja and Aristotle.

Just published:
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Solving Webpack development server error:

> 「wds」: Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use

# Check which process is using the port
lsof -i :3808

# Terminate the process using the PID number
kill -9 PID

#Webpack #TIL

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Depresja potrafi dopaść każdego, odebrać chęć do życia i wiarę by cokolwiek robić czy szukać pomocy. Jeżeli przechodzisz ciężkie chwile to pamiętaj, że możesz się do mnie odezwać w dowolny sposób. Zawsze znajdę czas na rozmowę czy pomoc na ile będę w stanie.

Fachową pomoc możesz uzyskać w następujący sposób:
• Antydepresyjny Telefon Forum Przeciw Depresji: 22 594 91 00 (śr.-czw. 17.00-19.00)
• Telefon zaufania dla osób dorosłych w kryzysie emocjonalnym: 116 123 (pon. – pt. od 14:00 – 22:00, połączenie bezpłatne)
• Centrum Wsparcia dla Osób Dorosłych w Kryzysie Psychicznym: 800 70 2222
• Telefon zaufania dla Dzieci i Młodzieży: 116 111 (czynny 7 dni w tygodniu, 24 h na dobę)
• Infolinia pomocy psychologicznej dla dzieci i młodzieży: 800 12 12 12 (czynny całą dobę, bezpłatny)
• Bezpłatny telefon wsparcia po stracie bliskich: 800 108 108 (czynny od poniedziałku do niedzieli z wyjątkiem dni świątecznych w godz. 14.00–20.00)
• Antydepresyjny Telefon Zaufania Fundacji ITAKA: 22 484 88 01

23 lutego przypada Ogólnopolski Dzień Walki z Depresją, ale cały rok warto być otwartym na przyjmowanie i udzielanie pomocy. Więcej informacji:


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The difference between different kinds of popovers and dialogs is important, but often misunderstood. Many people don't know what “modal” is exactly. Especially with various Open UI CG proposals progressing, knowing what's what will help to apply new web platform features usably and accessibly. This is why I'm preparing a 2023 conference talk about this and wrote a long post (as one does 😎)

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Very nice summary of all the potential issues you may encounter if you use CSS viewport units (vw and vh) without caution. I love content recorded by Kevin!


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“Building a lightbox with the Dialog element” by @Kilian

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in reply to Manuel Matuzović

Quick question: why overflow: clip and not overflow: hidden. When would it make a difference?
in reply to Manuel Matuzović

You can still programmatically scroll inside that container, meaning that when an element that's inside the container but within the hidden area gets focus, the container would scroll it into view. Imagine someone tabbing through links inside that container or JS setting focus.
in reply to Manuel Matuzović

Because it's guaranteed to never scroll, `overflow: clip` doesn't affect child layout the way hidden/scroll/auto values do, so if you're going to be toggling between hidden and visible overflow, it's best to use clip.

However, in this case you'll be toggling between hidden and scrolling overflow, so I'd say it's logically best to use `hidden` with the new `scrollbar-gutter` property. That said, since the scroller in question is the root, which is always a flow-root container, 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Some advice to help design tools and products that are more friendly to people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

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From the early days of my childhood, when I could see little color from one of my eyes, I recall what colorful birds looked like. I'd forgotten that fact since I lost sight in that eye as well until I started following people who frequently posts images with descriptions. There's lovely lovely, #photography on #mastodon with #altText and wonderful people who describe their #photos.

So, thank you, and more please!

#BirdsOfMastodon #Birds #Birding #Nature #NaturePhotography #accessibility

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I wrote some thoughts about being bad at being bad at things, and learning to cut myself a bit of slack and focus on the process rather than the result. (Bonus: photo from my short-lived makeup blogging days...)
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in reply to Sophie

Great piece. Funny that you mention piano as, at 67, I’m just learning to play and am dealing with these issues daily. I’ve found a song to learn that I love hearing over and over, even when I get it wrong. And that’s helping me persevere. I’m going to buy a book of Beatles sheet music to keep on track. Thanks for sharing what I’d be so many of us deal with.

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Let’s talk about HTML semantics! 😎

Which element should one use for icons? I know that many, including popular UI frameworks, use <i> and it can even be argued that it is kind of suitable in terms of semantics, because it is an alternative way to describe a term, e.g. a disk icon is an alternative way to communicate “save”. However, the Idiomatic *Text* element is intended for “text with different semantic meaning”:

What do you use? <img>? <figure>? <span>? And why?

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in reply to Matthias Ott

Almost always SVG from a sprite for UI icons. Sometimes (e.g. a magnifying glass in a search input) I will URL-encode an SVG as a background image so that everything you need for UI components lives in the CSS and doesn’t require external assets. <img> element for illustrative icons (products, etc.).

in reply to Ethan Marcotte

(Also, consider this your semi-regular reminder that I think Lynn is one of the finest responsive designers working today; if you’re hiring, you should talk to her.

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Things you can say when the evidence proves you wrong:

1. Wow, I had no idea! Thank you for clarifying.
2. I was wrong.
3. I didn’t know that but now I do and I’m smarter for it.
4. This just proves that you can be really sure about something and still be wrong!

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With the new Navigation API, you can now show the native spinner + stop button for any asynchronous operation - all you need is a Promise.

How to get better at sleeping
View sunlight by going outside within 30-60 minutes of waking. Do that again in the late afternoon, prior to sunset.
​Wake up at the same time each day and go to sleep when you first start to feel sleepy
Avoid caffeine within 8-10 hours of bedtime.
Avoid viewing bright lights—especially bright overhead lights between 10 pm and 4 am
Limit daytime naps to less than 90 min, or don’t nap at all
Keep the room you sleep in cool and dark and layer on blankets that you can remove.
Drinking alcohol messes up your sleep. As do most sleep medications

#Sleep #Bookmark

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You're not stupid for using a framework, and nobody has pulled a fast one on you.
in reply to Alex Russell

@slightlyoff Telling people they were misled even though the downsides are obvious is the same as calling them stupid.
in reply to Laurie Voss

did I say the downsides are obvious?

I've consistently pointed at the ways they are (un)consciously obscured by privilege, dogma, marketing, and management blinders. Never have I called people taken in "stupid".

It reads to me like you're keen to assign malice when, in fact, it's the teams on the wrong end of all this that I feel for – and their users.
in reply to Alex Russell

now, a lot of teams have the reaction of *feeling* stupid when they finally instrument and start to understand the costs.

I've outlined here why that instinct is not helpful, and the spirit of "blameless postmortems" is a better way forward for managers and TLs alike: